Semester Start-Up Information

Do you need to know:

– How to find your courses?
– How to make sure your students can see your courses?
– How to open a course before the start of the semester?
– How to import prior semester course content or Master Course content?

Those answers and more can be found in this blog entry! We have everything you need to know to get your semester started!


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If you’re reading this, you’ve found your way to eStarkState’s blog. Mary Beth will be sharing instructional design and best practices ideas to improve your courses. Linda will be searching and sharing new trends and directions and ideas to advance online learning. We’re going to be looking for the latest technology tools to enhance your courses. We have all learned so much, but there is so much more out there.

We hope that you’ll join us in sharing what you do and know, so that together we can deliver the best possible content to our students. We’re so excited to be part of this growing trend and to be walking with all of you on this e-journey!

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How to Create a Secure Link in ANGEL

If you are linking to a site and it does not show up when you test in ANGEL it’s likely it’s a secure website. There is a workaround for getting these links to show up.

How to Create a Link to a Secure Site in ANGEL
There are 2 parts to this tutorial. In the first part we will create a link in our course. In the second part we will automate the link so it appears correctly in ANGEL.

PART 1- Creating the Link in ANGEL

Log into your course.

Go to the lessons tab and locate where you want to place the link.

Click on Add Content
Image for Linking Tutorial

Click on Link
Image for Linking Tutorial

Do the following:
– Add your title
– Change the Link Target to New Window
– Add the website address
Image for Linking Tutorial

Click on Save

PART 2- Automating the Link

Click on the Automate tab
Image for Linking Tutorial

Click on Add New Agent
Image for Linking Tutorial
On the Step 1 Screen you will do the following:

  1. Name your agent
  2. Change to a content agent
  3. Click on Select content to monitor

Image for Linking Tutorial

Once in the Select content to monitor window you want to do the follow:
1. Change Lesson Type to Link
2. Choose Specific links
3. Select the Link you set up in Step 1
4. Click on Add a
5. Click on Close Window
Image for Linking Tutorial

Click on Next to get to Step 2 – there is nothing to do on this tab

Click on Next to get to Step 3

On Step 3 you will do the following:
1. Change Action Type to Redirect
2. Enter the URL of the website you want the user to go to.
3. Click on Next
Image for Linking Tutorial
Click on Save and test your link!

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Embeding an Ensemble Video into ANGEL

Embedding the video into ANGEL is preferred over directly uploading a video into ANGEL. An embedded video is easier for a student to access as it does not require downloading of the video.

How to Embed an Ensemble Video into ANGEL

Log into your ensemble account and choose the video you want to upload into ANGEL.

Click on the </> Embed Option
Image to locate embed

Copy the code


Log into ANGEL

Click on the lessons tab and choose where to put the file

Click on Add Content

Click on Page
Add a title for the page

Click on the source editor on the tool bar

Paste your code you copied from the Ensemble Video and save the page

Your video will now display on the page you created.

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Add a Profile Picture to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Click Here for a Video Tutorial on How to Add a Profile Picture

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Student Information for Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Click here for a Video Tutorial on How to Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in the Student View

Printable Collaborate Instructions for Participants

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How to Use BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra

Click Here for a Video Tutorial on How to Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in the Instructor View

Click here for a pdf of the Collaborate Instructors Manual

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Creating a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session in ANGEL

Adding a Blackboard Collaborate session to ANGEL couldn’t be easier!

How to Add a Link to BB Collaborate to ANGEL

1. Open your ANGEL course and click on Lessons.
2. Click on Add Content

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Triggering the Release of Content Based on Submission

While we cannot force students to read items before completing their assignments, it is possible to set up “Actions” in ANGEL which require students to click on certain content items and/or complete certain assignments before additional units, content items, or assignments are available. This post contains directions for setting up an action which requires students to create a discussion post, submit a dropbox assignment, or complete an assessment before the next unit is available.

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