Embedding Items in ANGEL

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As you incorporate more items from the web (videos, widgets, etc.), you may come across “embed codes.”  Embedding items in ANGEL is easy if you create a page for the embedded item.

To begin, create a page in ANGEL by clicking on the Add Content link in ANGEL and then clicking on the Page link.

Add Content link
Create an Item menu with Page link circled

Enter a title for your page, such as “Video: Khan Academy – Linear Combinations and Span” or “Digital Library Guide” in the Title field.  The title should indicate what your users will find embedded on the page.

New Page with Title Field highlighted

Generally, websites will provide an embed code for the item you wish to embed. Copy this code.

Arrow pointing to circled embed code

Return to your newly created page in ANGEL.  Click on the Source button, which will display the HTML code for this page.

Arrow pointing to circled Source button with "Click this button" text

Paste the code you copied from the website into the Page Text area.  Note: If you forget to click the Source Code button before you paste the code, only the code will display on your page – not the item!

Screenshot of highlighted Page Text area with pasted embed code

Click on the Save button.

Save button

If you did it correctly, you will be able to view your embedded item on a page on the Lessons tab.



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